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Greenham War and Peace 2017


"On behalf of Greenham Trust I would like to encourage everyone to participate in and most of all enjoy the celebrations of our 20th anniversary during September 2017 and beyond.

"History was made 20 years ago when Greenham Trust was formed to generate charitable giving for our local community from the former airbase. I have talked to many of those who were involved at the outset and even in their wildest dreams they did not expect us to have given £40 million to over 3,000 charitable initiatives in the years that have followed.

"We first discussed how to mark this significant milestone over two years ago. Everyone agreed that we should seek to involve as many people as possible from the local community we support here in West Berkshire and north Hampshire. The idea of a ground-breaking free show on Greenham Common was conceived and we set about engaging with all the local stakeholders. I hope you enjoy our main event, Greenham: One Hundred Years of War and Peace on 8th and 9th September.

"I would like to thank many organisations for making this programme of events and our main celebration event possible, in particular West Berkshire Council, The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust and the Greenham and Crookham Commons Commission who have all been very supportive of our plans from those early beginnings.

"In addition to the hundreds of local people taking part in this celebration we also welcome re-enactors from Home Front History, a not for profit entity presenting aspects of life in Britain during the war years 1939-1945 with their own team and members of associated groups. www.homefronthistory.com

"The Trust continues to grow and strives to support our local community through our commercial property and other activities at Greenham Business Park and elsewhere. Enjoy our celebrations and thank you for being part of our story!"

Chris Boulton, Chief Executive, Greenham Trust

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