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Practical Information about the Event



What is Greenham: 100 Years of War & Peace?
Greenham: War & Peace is the 20th anniversary celebration of Greenham Trust.  We are putting on a large scale outdoor theatrical event to mark 20 years since Greenham Common was bought by Greenham Trust from the MOD who handed it back to the local people.

On the evenings of the 8th and 9th September 2017 from 6.30pm to 9.30pm the story of Greenham Common will come alive through an amazing spectacle of performance, songs, light projections and live art.  The event is a festival style outdoor show led by professionals and involving hundreds of members of the local community.   There will be a finale each evening at 8.30pm which will last approximately 45 minutes.  The installations will continue until 10pm.

The event follows the amazing stories of Greenham Common over the last century, and moments of war and peace which have taken place on the Common, particularly from the 1930s to the 1990s.  The story is presented from the perspective of a woman in her older years who tells the story of her own life and generations of her family who have lived by the Common over the decades and whose lives have been affected by the coming of war to the Common. The event will portray some of the key events that have taken place here - from the D-Day landings of World War Two to the arrival of the American Air Force, the Ugandan Asian refugees who were housed on the base in the 1970s and of course the Cold War and the Peace Protest Camps and the return of the Common back to nature.

There will also be an accompanying programme of talks and exhibitions.


Do I need tickets, how much are they and where do I get them from?
The outdoor event is a free community event for all ages. There are no tickets and there is no charge for entry.

For the outdoor event we are advising audience to use the park and ride service we are putting on, but there is some parking on site and you you will need to pre-book this should you require it (see the links below).

See the Greenham 100 Travel Info page for more information

We will also be running a series of talks and exhibitions some of which may require you to buy a ticket. See the Greenham 100 Programme page for information about the talks and exhibitions timings and venues and how to book if necessary.

If we want to take part who do we get in touch with?
There are opportunities to take part in stewarding and technical roles.  Please email Laura Boffin - laura@rosaproductions.co.uk or call 01635 813900.  You can arrange to take part up to the end of August in some roles such as processions and volunteering.


Why is this event happening?
This event is taking place to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Greenham Trust.

Greenham Trust was formed in 1997 to purchase the world famous Greenham Common Airbase from the MoD and to use the site for the benefit of local people. 750-acres of the 900-acre site were immediately gifted by the Trust to be restored as common land.  The runway part of Greenham Common is now owned by the local authority and managed by BBOWT as a space for both local people and many rare species of wildlife.  The remaining 150-acres, comprising former military buildings, were transformed by the Trust into a business park, the revenue from which was to be used to fund local good causes.

Nearly 20 years later Greenham Business Park has become the largest strategic employment site in the area, and, along with a growing portfolio of other local commercial properties, has generated £40 million in funding from the Trust for local projects, granted through a comprehensive range of funding schemes covering all aspects of life in West Berkshire and North Hampshire. 

When is the main event?
The main outdoor events will take place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September.


What time will the performance start and finish?
The Park and Ride service and car parks will be open from 5.30pm and the event starts at 6:30pm and gates to the central event site will open at 6.30pm.  There will be a festival like feel with theatrical installations, live art, music and dancing between 6.30pm and 8.30pm. The main performance will start at 8:30pm with a procession and then the finale show.  The finale show will finish around 9.15pm and then there will be the opportunity to listen to music and enjoy the installations until 10pm.

Park and Ride services will continue till at least half an hour after the event finishes or until the public have left the site safely.


Will there be a programme of events?
See the programme of events

Download the programme of events

Talks and Exhibitions will also be publicised by the Corn Exchange, West Berkshire Museum and other host venues.

What age group is the event suitable for?
The event has been designed for family audiences and children as young as 8 will be taking part.

There are no age restrictions for this performance, however due to the nature of the Common being used throughout the Second World War and strong political movements of the 1980s some children might find some of the scenes upsetting.

Please note that because of the terrain, the walking distances, time of day and potential for loud noise you are advised not to bring children that are not yet able to walk easily by themselves and require pushchairs.

Please note that older audience members, or those with difficulty walking, should book for disability parking and that even from there it is a short walk on a country track style road and you cannot expect to find seating at the event unless you bring your own.  Please let us know if you need to use a wheelchair as we can make arrangements for wheelchair access but it we need to know in advance.


Where is the event?
The event is on Greenham Common outdoors in the middle of the old runway area.  There are a number of entrances to the Common but we will mainly be using the Control Tower and Business Park entrances, although local residents may choose to enter from the Newbury end gate (Pyle Hill) by foot or bicycle.  Please note there will be no parking at the Pyle Hill entrance and this route will not be lit and is used at your own risk so please bring torches for your return journey.


May we bring our dog or other pets?
Please note that no dogs or pets will be allowed inside the fenced event site which runs between the Control Tower and the Business Park during event hours 6.30pm to 10pm and for a short while either side of those times.  Dogs may be walked outside the central fenced show area, and outside event hours the common is open for dog walking as usual. Cattle and other animals which normally roam on the Common will be outside the fenced areas.


Transport to site?
There will be a park and ride service available from Newbury Town Centre and from Newbury College on the event evenings.  There will also be pre-bookable parking at the Business Park on the south of the site and pre-bookable disabled parking places at the Control Tower on the north of the site.

Find out more about Greenham 100 Travel info

  • Friday 8 September Parking & Bus Ticket Pre-Booking

(note no ticket required for town centre shuttle bus)

Parking Friday Greenham Business Park (£5 in advance, £10 on the night)

Newbury College Friday Bus Ticket Booking (£3)

Disabled Parking Friday (Free - must be pre-booked online or call the number above)

  • Saturday 9 September Parking & Bus Ticket Pre-Booking

(note no ticket required for town centre shuttle bus)

Parking Saturday Greenham Business Park (£5 in advance, £10 on the night)

Newbury College Saturday Bus Ticket Booking (£3)

Disabled Parking Saturday (Free - must be pre-booked online or call the number above)


Please come dressed for the weather and we would suggest wearing sensible footwear and warm clothes as evenings may turn cold quickly and whichever entrance is used you should expect to be walking some distance as on a festival or county show style site.  There is not much in the way of shelter in the middle of the common so bring umbrellas or rain ponchos in case of rain.  It is only in extreme wind or rain that we may need to curtail or cancel some or all of the activities and we would publicise that on the website and make it clear at entrances to the site and at parking and park and ride areas.
Is there parking close to the entrance? Is it free or paid?
There will be pre-bookable parking available on site on both sides of the Common although both have limited spaces, should be booked online and will have a small online booking charge.

There will also be free parking available further afield - with a park and ride bus service from Newbury College and Newbury Town Centre.

If you use the Park and Ride from Newbury town centre there is plentiful public parking nearby.


Can we drop off friends and relatives by car and pick them up?
We will set up a drop off parking area for people not staying for the event who wish to drop off and pick up friends or relatives. This will be on Greenham Business Park. 


Are there other forms of transport I can take? (Public buses, taxis, trains)
Taxi Contacts: CABCO 01635 33333
Broadway Cars & Minibuses 01635 847784
AP:PM Cars 01635 44444

Train Station – Newbury Train Station is situated in the centre of town. To get to Greenham Common will take you between 10-20 minutes by taxi or you can use the free Newbury town centre bus – take the town side exit to station, turn right out of entrance, at the end bear left into Cheap Street and continue straight on at the intersection with Market Street - the bus stop is on the left side of Cheap Street, nearly opposite the post office. 

Bus Service – There are no public bus services at the times of our event serving Greenham Common however you may use our Park and Ride service from Newbury town centre (Cheap Street) or Newbury College.


What are the times of the trains?
Train times and details can be found on http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/ldbboard/arr/NBY


Will there be strobe lighting throughout this performance?
At the moment we are not planning strobe lighting effect but we will confirm this by the time of the event and publicise prior to the event and on site if there is any use of strobe lighting.


What are the access and disability arrangements?
There will be bookable parking for people with access needs. There is wheelchair access onto the common from the bookable disabled parking but please note it is trackway not a made-up road so will be a rougher surface than a normal roadway, though possible for a wheelchair to navigate.

How far will I have to walk across the Common?
You must count on a minimum of 10 minutes each way if you are entering from the Control Tower parking/bus drop off point and 20 minutes minimum each way if you are entering from the Business Park Side.  You will also be walking around the festival site which takes about 5 to 10 minutes from side to side. The Newbury gate is a considerably further distance and you should allow 30 minutes in either direction.


Is it a seated or standing event?
This event will primarily be a standing event. The audience will be encouraged to get involved with the pre-show activities. If you wish to bring a seat then you would be more than welcome but there is no seating for the finale performance which lasts around 30 to 45 minutes.


Will there be food and drink to buy on site?
We plan that there will be some small food available from barbecue style stands on site and coffee and soft drinks stalls near the entrances. We will not be selling alcohol for this performance but there will be soft drinks available with food.


Are there any places to eat nearby?
If you would like a more formal meal before you come to the performance we would suggest heading into the town centre of Newbury


Will there be security/fire marshals on site?


Will there be First Aiders on site?


My son/daughter is in the performance, what time do they need to arrive/be collected?
The production company will be informing all cast of all details direct to the individual and to all parents/guardians where relevant.

Can you tell me more about the Arts Council and Heritage Lottery Funding for the project?
The project is receiving support from the Arts Council because of the high quality of the artistic vision and the artists involved and the capacity of the project to build on the strong foundation of Greenham Trust’s support to involve large numbers of the local community.

The Heritage Lottery Funding is to support volunteers on the heritage and historical aspects of the history of the Common, including the natural history, and to run a series of talks and exhibitions about the history.  The funding also helps support the exhibition, Tracks across the Common, which is due to take place after the event from 27 September for a year at West Berkshire Museum.


I would like to know more about Rosa Productions, where can I find more details?
More information about Rosa Productions can be found online. Their website www.rosaproductions.co.uk has all the latest information about this event and previous work.


Can I have more details on taking part?
We are looking for volunteers to work alongside a professional cast and production team. This is a fantastic chance to perform in a unique event led by world class artists and a professional production team.

Technical Volunteers and Event Stewards: if you are interested in stage management, stewarding, technical builds, props and costumes then please get in touch with us to find out more.

To find out more about the project or book a place please contact:

Laura Boffin: laura@rosaproductions.co.uk

Ameneh Enayat: ameneh@rosaproductions.co.uk

Telephone: 01625 813900